Don's 1970's Water Pumper rail.
A modern glass buggy- nice!
Wally & Rick at St. Anthony.
Curt wheelies up Choke Cherry.      

Devil's dune !!!
Allen's rail at Winchester Bay.
Oops! We had a little accident.
Surveying the damage.
Yet more thinking.  How do we
back to camp?
Fixing it with the big hammer.

Fixing it with a little hammer.
The inglorious "duck"  has
a new home.
Ken raids the trunk for some soda.
The leader needs Code Red.
Racing around Devil's dune.

We are Dune Goons.

Look closely at how steep this is.

Allen's old rail still has plenty of
The future is not a pretty sight.

2011 St. Anthony group photo.

Pain will soon follow.
View from above
Winchester Bay, Oregon.