Larry tries to go against the grain.
Allen's old mid-type3 rail.
Normie's rail at Winchester Bay.
Oops! That's not a good  road to
the beach!

Rail buggy in the woods.
Curt likes to wheelie.
Curt's inner body panels.
Running the dunes at speed.
Follow the leader.
Jumping behind Egin lake,
St. Anthony Idaho.

You can't build them tougher than
sand.  Not a happy driver.  Grrr.
Wes & Ken discuss things.

Motorcycle riders put on a show.
This sand is soft & steep.
Bowls at Little Sahara, Utah.

Curt's rail at Dumont.

On the side-hill.
In the old days, more beer.
Norm & Sue at Coral Pink.
Rail buggy needs a heater, I think.

Somewhere in the Imperial sand
Dunegoons at St. Anthony,
Idaho, August 2010.

Winchester Bay, Oregon.